Just out: “My” Digital Kenya in hardcover

img_3744I’m delighted to report that Digital Kenya: An Entrepreneurial Revolution in the Making finally came out last month in hardcover.

The book is a first of its kind, a landmark research study chronicling the rise of Kenya’s celebrated digital-technology entrepreneurship scene, known as “Silicon Savannah,” whose methods, successes, and digital innovations are having repercussions across the Global South and beyond.

The book is really only “mine” in the sense that I line-edited it for publication, for clients who have since become dear and respected friends — Bitange Ndemo, Professor of Entrepreneurship at the University of Nairobi, and Tim Weiss, then a research fellow in organization and globalization studies at Zeppelin University in Germany. (Tim is now a postdoc at Stanford.)

I’m very proud of this book, not just for my own small contribution, but for Ndemo and Tim’s remarkable work in conceiving, researching and writing it and especially for the inspiring portrait it paints of the hearts, minds and innovative spirit of the people of Kenya. Give people a chance, and they can change the world!

Digital Kenya is the first in publisher Palgrave MacMillan’s new series of studies on entrepreneurship in Africa.