Just out: “My” Digital Kenya in hardcover

img_3744I’m delighted to report that Digital Kenya: An Entrepreneurial Revolution in the Making finally came out last month in hardcover.

The book is a first of its kind, a landmark research study chronicling the rise of Kenya’s celebrated digital-technology entrepreneurship scene, known as “Silicon Savannah,” whose methods, successes, and digital innovations are having repercussions across the Global South and beyond.

The book is really only “mine” in the sense that I line-edited it for publication, for clients who have since become dear and respected friends — Bitange Ndemo, Professor of Entrepreneurship at the University of Nairobi, and Tim Weiss, then a research fellow in organization and globalization studies at Zeppelin University in Germany. (Tim is now a postdoc at Stanford.)

I’m very proud of this book, not just for my own small contribution, but for Ndemo and Tim’s remarkable work in conceiving, researching and writing it and especially for the inspiring portrait it paints of the hearts, minds and innovative spirit of the people of Kenya. Give people a chance, and they can change the world!

Digital Kenya is the first in publisher Palgrave MacMillan’s new series of studies on entrepreneurship in Africa.

Meet George Simonson

fullsizerenderGeorge has written and edited for a wide range of scientific, technical, and medical organizations — including the Carnegie Institution of New York (sociology), Energy Conversion Devices of Michigan (photovoltaics), Environ Corp. of Boston (now Ramboll Group of Orestad, Denmark), Health & Work Outcomes of Texas and Maine (ergonomics research), Maine Cardiology Associates (heart care), New England Baptist Hospital of Boston (arthroscopic surgery), Puritan Medical of Maine (forensic equipment), Testing Machines Inc. of Long Island (lab testing gear), TÜV SÜD of Germany (avionics and safety certification), the University of California at Berkeley (air pollution), the University of Massachusetts School of Medicine at Worcester (genetics) and School of Health and Environment at Lowell (air pollution), the University of Nairobi in Kenya (entrepreneurship), and the University of Texas School of Public Health at Houston (air pollution).

He has also written for many of the world’s leading organizations in other fields, including Colby College, Del Monte, Digital, Disney, Fidelity Investments, Ford Motors, Hertz, Houghton Mifflin, L.L. Bean, Nabisco, Outward Bound, Seagram’s, the Sierra Club, Sony, and Volvo.

George is a graduate of Yale, endlessly curious, and a lifelong student of language. German is his first language.

Meet Mary K. Brennan

img_1563Mary is a lifelong science editor, working both in-house and as an independent consultant and project manager for scientific institutions and researchers around the world.

As an independent consultant, she edits scientific research reports, executive summaries, statements, and critiques for the Health Effects Institute of Boston, MA, a leader in research on the human health effects of air pollution.

  • Recent topics have included statistical modeling of air pollution exposures in London, mortality risks associated with pollutant exposures in Germany and China, and special reports on traffic-related air pollution

Earlier, as the in-house managing editor of the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine and American Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology, the journals of the American Thoracic Society, she:

  • Oversaw the production of two monthly peer-reviewed journals — with more than 4,000 printed pages a year and press runs of 17,000 per issue
  • Managed two offices in New York and Denver
  • Was responsible for a budget of nearly $2 million a year
  • Debuted the Association’s prestigious American Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology.

As an in-house editor for the New York Academy of Sciences, Mary edited and managed the publication of more than 1,700 pages a year of the Academy’s Annals. She worked with authors internationally to clarify writing, untangle technical prose, and correct spelling, grammar, syntax, and word choice.

She also wrote Vision into the Future, a book about research into visual impairment, for New York’s Lighthouse for the Blind.

Mary is a graduate of Yale.